Change of shipsphotos

20240301 – Since last October I have moved to Torrevieja in Spain and are therefore not taking as much photos of ships in Iceland but instead ship loading salt from this port and from the nearby ports of Cartagena and Alicante. Here is Torrevieja in focus.

The salt pier in Torrevieja

The main export from Torrevieja, Spain, is salt. The port town has recently seen an uptick in activity, with three large-tonnage ships docking at the salt pier in a short span of time. Salt from Torrevieja, highly sought after during this time of year especially for de-icing roads in Northern Europe, is being exported in large quantities to England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, in addition to Iceland. It is estimated that around 150,000 tonnes of salt will be exported this year, with an increase of 15,000 to 20,000 tonnes from the previous year.

Salt loaded to general cargoship in the Port of Torrevieja

Originally, Torrevieja was a salt mining and fishing village, located between the Mediterranean Sea and two large salt lakes known as Las Salinas de Torrevieja. Salt production has long been an important industry in the town and remains a major employer.

Here are photos of some ships that loaded salt from November 2023 to March 2024.

Oslo Carrier 3 loaded on the 27th November 2023 for Arendal Norway
Fehn Light loaded for Oslo Norway on the 4th December 2023
Waaldijk loded on 18th December 2023 for Brodick Harbour UK
Wilson Newcastle loaded on the 18th January 2024 for Hafnarfjörður Iceland
Arklow Rally loaded on the 2nd January 2024 for Immingham UK
Missouriborg loaded on the 2nd January 2024 for Hafnarfjörður Iceland
Ocean Carrier loaded on 21st January 2024 for Oslo Norway
Katuxa NM loaded on 23rd January 2024 for Risavika Norway
Moraime loaded on the 25th January 2024 for Risavika Norway
Tanja loaded on 12th February 2024 for Uddevalla Sweden
Arklow Valour loaded on the 15th February for Risavika Norway
Arklow Venture loaded on the 16th February for Oslo Norway.
Frakt Sund arrived on 16th February 2024 for loading for Oslo Norway
Longrose loaded on the 19th February 2024 for Hafnarfjörður Iceland
Breb Xian loaded for France on March 4th 2024.