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Eimskipafélag Íslands (Icelandic Steamship Company) – now Eimskip ehf. was founded in 1914. Eimskip is the largest shipping company in Iceland and company vessels sails mainly en route’s from Iceland to the Continent, Scandinavia, Canada and USA. To view present company fleet click on vessel’s names which all are names of waterfalls in Iceland.

Movements of the Eimskip fleet:

Year 1999
In end of April the vessel Hanne Sif was changed from time charter to bareboat charter. She was renamed Selfoss and manned with Icelandic crew. The sisterships Skógafoss and Reykjafoss where sold to Indonesia. The first one to be deliverd to new owner in August 1999 and the latter in November 1999.

Year 2000
In February 2000 the Dettifoss was sold and in September same year the Godafoss was renamed Skogafoss. Bruarfoss was sold to German company in October and she was the last vessel to fly the Icelandic flag in Eimskip fleet. In September and October Eimskip took delivery of two containervessels of the Sif Mark X type build in Frederikshavn Denmark. They where owned by KiL Shipping. They where renamed Goðafoss and Dettifoss.

Year 2001
A new Bruarfoss entered the Eimskip fleet on the 20th of April 2001. She was the former Maersk Euro Quarto and was bought from Kil Shipping in Denmark. She is sistership to Selfoss and they are of the Sif Mark V type. In June Eimskip bought the vessel Hvítanes which joined the Eimskip fleet in September and then renamed Ljósafoss.

Year 2002
In August the Lagarfoss was sold and delivered to new owners on the 25th of September. Bakkafoss was sold and deliverd to new Greek owners 10th of October. Her name will be u/ch.. Due to sale of Lagarfoss her sistership Hanseduo was taken on charter.

Year 2003
In end of March the Lyra was sold to Italian company and was deliverd to her new onwners. Her name will be unchanced for time being. In May the Ljósafoss was sold to Greek company and deliverd to new owners same month

Year 2004
New charter vessel Lagarfoss entered service for Eimskip in April. She is manned by foreign crew and sailing on Reykjavik – Straumsvik – Immingham – Rotterdam route. A decission was taken to return Mánafoss to her owners in December when Eimskip cancelled regular coastal voyages around Iceland.

Year 2005
In January the Mánafoss was returned to her owners and renamed Ossian. Trinket joined the Eimskip fleet after several years as a charter vessel to be the third Eimskip vessel not bearing “foss” name. She was renamed Írafoss 4th October. The Stroombank was purchased and renamed Laxfoss 3rd October. Following return of Lagarfoss to owners the Westersingel was chartered and renamed Reykjafoss 11th October.

Year 2005
In 1st. of January Eimskip took over the operation of the Icelandic State owned ferry Herjólfur but she runs regular service between Westmann Isl. and Þorlákshöfn on the main land. Eimskip took delivery of a newbuild pallet reefer in Norway and she was renamed Svartfoss.

Year 2006
In Norway Eimskip had a delivery of a pallet reefer named Storfoss.

Year 2007
Eimskip took delivery of Dalfoss May 18th and arrived to Reykjavik Iceland June 7th. She was named on the 8th. Her sister Langfoss was delivered September 25th. Two more sisters are to be build. Skogafoss was sold and delivered to her new owners in June.

Year 2008
The two last reefer sisters Holmfoss and Polfoss where delivered to Eimskip early this year.

Year 2009
The reefers Dalfoss, Langfoss and Storfoss sold by creditors in May.

Year 2010
No change in Eimskip fleet.

Year 2011
New charter vessel Skogafoss enters service and joins Reykjafoss on the US run.