Captain on Júlíus Geirmundsson

20220915 – Once again I had the opportunity to be in command of the sterntrawler JÚLÍUS GEIRMUNSSON but now for voyage from Reykjavik to her homeport of Ísafjordur.

Departing the old port of Reyjavik

Althoug that my background is from the merchant fleet then this is the third time that I take command of fishing vessels but what they have had in common is that there was no fishing gear onboard.

No fishing gear onboard

The 1.402 GT sterntrawler JÚLÍIUS GEIRMUNDSSON was build by Gryfia Szczecinska Remontowa shipyard in Poland in 1989 for Gunnvör hf in Isafjordur, Iceland. She was fourth vessel owned by the company to bear this name.

Not only is the trawler named after my grandfather but we share date of birth (May 26th) with 73 years apart. I’m so far the only descends of my grandparents holding Certification of Competance to command this vessel. My earlier trip on JÚLÍUS was in 2018 when I took her from her homeport to Reykjavik to be taken into slipway. This time I was taken her to her homeport after slipway.

Very happy to be in her command

I enjoyed every minute of the voyage having both of her permanent captains as deck officers during this short voyage. I’m thankful to them for stepping down and give me the joy of commanding her.

Me together with her permanent captain´s, Capt. Njáll Gíslason and Capt. Sveinn Geir Arnarsson on the bridge of Júlíus Geirmundsson.
I and Kristjan G. Johannsson owner (and former Managing director) together with the captains Sveinn Geir and Njall. I and Kristjan are both grandsons of Júlíus Geirmundsson
All is ready for departure from Reykjavik
On watch
Passing the Breidafjordur
The captains amulet
Navigation is not only about radars but also knowing landmarks that keeps safe passages like the gap in the cliff that leads safe passage off Latrabjarg.
Látrabjarg the westernmost point in Iceland and Europes largest bird cliff.
Chief Engineer
Berthed in Isafjordur
Together with capt Njáll and Managing Direktor Einar Valur Kristjansson in port of Isafordur.
AB´s preparing to take the fishing gear onboard for the next fishing trip.
JÚLÍUS GEIRMUNDSSON almost ready after slipway and in the background is my vessel, SÆBJÖRG, for the past 25 years. In my last year in secondary school in 1973 I was together with one of my class mate a week onboard the tugboat MAGNI as a part of introduction to fields of interest that our school planned. We where the only one’s that chose work onboard ships. My class mate was for many years working on fishing vessels.