Veteran ÓÐINN on move

May 11th 2020 – The veteran museum vessel ÓÐINN casted of her moorings today with the assistance of the tug HAKI.

It was for 15 years ago that she was handed over to the Maritime Museum of Reykjavik and has been open to public ever since.

Captain Páll Geirdal (to right) with head of operation at Icelandic Coast Guard commander Ásgrímur L. Ásgrímsson

Her main engine’s have been quiet ever since until today that a group of veterans finally got her ready.

Towed away from her berth by the tug HAKI.

As she is with fixed pitch propeller her main engine was not safe to be started in port and therefore she was taken to the outer port for that puprose.

Leaving the inner port.

Both engine started safely and worked propperly. Due to her lacking certificate of Seaworthiness she was all the time tied with the tug HAKI from the Associated Icelandic Ports.