Lagarfoss changing flag

Today the last vessel of Eimskip fleet flying Antigua and Barbuda flag was transfered to Faroes registry. The flag change took place in Sundahöfn of Associated Icelandic Ports home of Eimskip fleet. Capt. Magnús Harðarson hoisted the Faroes flag on Lagarfoss and her port of registry changed from St. John’s to Tórshavn in Faroe Isl. Lagarfoss departed in the evening from Reykjavik to Westmann Isl. for loading fresh fish for unloading in UK. From there she will make port of call in her new home port Tórshavn.

Capt. Magnús Harðarson hoisting the Faroes flag on Lagarfoss for the first time.

Capt. Magnús with the new flag his vessel will be flying.

Capt. Jón Ingi Þórarinsson and Capt. Magnús Harðarson masters of Lagarfoss.

On Lagarfoss bridge.

A view from the bridge.

I and Capt. Magnús after the reflagging of Lagarfoss. Photo: Steingrímur Sveinbjörnsson Eimskip.