Final voyage for Commander Nellett

20201209 – Today the Coast Guard Vessel ÞÓR arrived to Reykjavík for the last time under command of Commander Halldór Benóný Nellett.

Commander Halldór arriving under water spray from the harbour tug HAKI

Capt. Halldór joined the Icelandic Coast Guard (ICC) in the 1972 first as a messboy but also as an AB. After gratuating from the Navigation School in Reykjavík he joined as navigating officer in the ICC.

The crew of Týr giving salute to Commander Halldór who can been seen on Þór’s bridge giving salute back.

He had is first command in 1992 becoming permanent Commander in 1996. He took part in two Cod Wars between Iceland and UK in the 70´s.

Due to Covit-19 his arrival could not be held according to ICC former rituals but never the less it was very respectfully with all the national requirements of precausion due to the pandemic.

Commander Halldór leaving the bridge after bringing his ship along site wich is the standard procedures that the commander in ICC does all the time.

During his time with the ICC he served in the helicopter division as navigator on the rescue helicopters and also as head of ICC operation and was Deputy CEO for time being.

Commander Halldór with his wife standing next to him. At the same time Navigation officer Jón Páll Ásgeirsson was also honoured for his service with the ICC since late 70´s and many years with Cmdr. Halldór.
Halldór og Jón Páll
Cmdr. Halldór and Navigation officer Jón Páll Ásgeirsson onboard Týr few years back.

Commander Halldór’s son is serving in the ICC as AB on the Coast Guard vessel Týr which his father commanded at one time.