Fleet list

VesselBuildIn serviceTonnageYears in service
Hvassafell (I)1946She was originally build for Mussolini but during the fall of Italy the hull was sunken in the port of Genoua. She was raised after the war, rebuild and sold to SÍS. Sold in 1964 and renamed Ana Paula1.6901946-1964
Arnarfell (I)1949Renamed Alexia1.3811949-1973
Jökulfell (I)1951Sold for demolition in Spain.9721951-1974
Dísarfell (I)1953Sold to Greece and renamed Ionnis H.6421953-1973
Litlafell (I)1950Ex Maud Reuter. Sold to Greece and renamed Polyxeni7641954-1971
Helgafell (I)1954Renamed Susan1954-1979
Hamrafell1952Ex Mostank, Lajas. Sold to India and renamed Desh Alok. 1954-1966
Stapafell (I)1962Renamed Mark VII1962-1978
Mælifell (I)1964Renamed Langeland1964-1985
Litlafell (II)1964Ex Sioux. Sold domestic and renamed Þyrill1971-1978
Hvassafell (II)1971Renamed Rainbow Omega1971-1987
Skaftafell (I)1971Renamed Shun Sang No. 81971-1988
Dísarfell (II)1967Ex Lene Nielsen. Renamed Pelias.1973-1983
Jökulfell (II)1968Ex Bymos. Renamed Polar Ice.1976-1985
Arnarfell (II)1974Ex Mercandian Exporter1978-1988
Helgafell (II)1975Ex Mercandian Shipper1979-1984
Stapafell (II)1979Renamed Salango1979-2001
Dísarfell (II)1976Ex Lucy Borchard. Renamed Polarwind1984-1993
Jökulfell (III)1985Renamed Anais1985-1993
Árfell (I)1976Ex Jan. Renamed Jan.1987-1990
Hvassafell (III)1978Ex Lühe. Renamed Gardway1988-1995
Helgafell (III)1978Ex Bernhard S. Renamed Lorcon Davao1988-1996
Arnarfell (III)1983Ex Sandra M. Renamed Andra1989-1994
Skaftafell (II)1979Ex Polar Nanoq. Renamed Qun Ying1991-1993
Kistufell1983Ex Esja. Renamed Lesia1992-1993
Búrfell 1974Ex Hekla. Renamed Katla1992-1993
Mælifell (II)1982Ex Alex. Renamed Rarotongan Rower II1993-2000
Dísarfell (IV)1982Ex EWL Suriname. Sank March 9th 1997 abt. 100 nm SE of Iceland. Two casualities and ten survivors1996-1997
Sæfari (I)1978Ex Bremnes1996-2008
Arnarfell (IV)1994Ex Gertie. Renamed Seaboard Caribbean1996-2005
Helgafell (IV)1994Ex Heidi B. Renamed Seaboard Rio Haina1997-2005
Árfell (II)1998Ex Keteldiik. Renamed Keteldiik2000
Herjólfur (III)19922000-2005
Árfell (III)1988Ex Gera. Renamed Gera2001-2003
Ísfell1970Ex Gullnes. Sank on October 11th 2002 shortly after she was taken on charter. All crew of six where rescued.2002
Jökulfell (IV)1989Ex Norland Saga. Sank of Faro Isl. February 7th 2005 with loss of all crewmembers.2004-2005
Skaftafell (III)1997Ex BBC Brazil.2004-2006
Akrafell (I)1997Ex Cesaria. Renamed Cesaria2004
Akrafell (II)1997Ex Simone J. Renamed Seaboard Navigator2005
Arnarfell (V)20052005-
Helgafell (V)20052005-
Akrafell (III)2004Ex Angelika. Renamed Angelika2005-2008
Hvassafell (IV)2005Ex Nadia. Renamed Nadia2005-2008
Samskip Express20062006-
Samskip Courier20062006-2018
Samskip Pioneer2006Renmaed Jork Rider2006-2011
Samskip Explorer2006Renamed Jork Rover2006-2011
Samskip Iberia1996Ex Marfeeder. Renamed Marfeeder2007-2008
Sæfari (II)1992Ex Oileáin Árann.2007-
Akrafell (IV)1993Ex Pegasus. Renamed Natalia A2008-2010
Hvassafell (V)1993Ex Polaris. Renamed Polaris2008-2010
Samskip Endeavour2011Launced as Jens M2011-
Samskip Innovator20112011-
Samskip Akrafell 2003Ex Asian Carrier. Ran aground on the East coast of Iceland and became CTL.2013-2015
Samskip Hoffell (I)1999Ex Pioneer Bay. Renamed Maria P.2015
Samskip Skaftafell2000Ex Franklin Strait2015-
Samskip Hoffell (II)2000Ex Madeleine2015-
Samskip Arctic1997Ex Silver Ocean2016-2021
Samskip Ice1985Ex Green Ice2016-2021
Samskip Glacier1997Ex Green Tromso2016-2021
Samskip Crystal1998Ex Green Bergen2016-2021
Samskip Frost1985Ex Green Frost. Sold for demolition in Norway after serious engine problems2017-2020
Samskip Endurance2003Ex Faaborg2017-2020
Samskip Skálafell2008Ex Ice Crystal2018-2020
Samskip Bláfell2008Ex Sunrise X2018-2020
Samskip Kvitbjorn2015Ex Kvitbjorn9.1322020-
Samskip Kvitnos2015Ex Kvitnos9.1322020-

Samskip hf. was established in 1992 from former Samband íslenskra samvinnufélaga – skipadeild. The company fleet consist now of 2 charter vessels manned with Icelandic crew. The company also operates the ferry HERJÓLFUR since January 2001. In March 1997 the flagship of the Samskip fleet DÍSARFELL sank on voyage from Iceland to Faroe Isl. and Continent with loss of two crew members. She was owned by the company but under Antiqua and Barbuda registry. In August 2000 the Samskip returned the chartervessel MÆLIFELL to her owners but the vessel had been in coastal sailings. The vessels names comes from mountains in Iceland. AKRAFELL (I) was short term charter in 2004.

In February 2005 the chartervessel JÖKULFELL foundered NE of Faroe Isl. on her voyage from Denmark to Iceland with loss of six crewmembers. In February the chartervessel ARNARFELL was returned to her owners following delivery of newbuilding to Samskip bearing the same name. Her sister HELGAFELL followed her month later. From March to June 2005 the SIMONE J served as AKRAFELL (II). She was replaced by AKRAFELL (III) in July. Later the same month HVASSAFELL entered service. 31st of December was the end of Samskip’s operation of the State owned ferry HERJÓLFUR. She was transferred to Eimskip.

Skaftafell was returned to owner.

The ferry SÆFARI was replaced by the new vessel imported from Ireland in 2006. She had been under conversion in Hafnarfjörður since then but finally she was delivered to her owners in 2008. Samskip had contract with the Icelandic Road Administration (ICERA) of running the ferry service of the older vessel and a new contract was signed with the ICERA of further running of the new ferry. The HVASSAFELL and AKRAFELL where returned to owners and two other sisters where replaced bearing the same names.