New gantry crane

On August 21st 2019 a new gantry crane was taken into service in Port of Reykjavik. The gantry crane which is owned by Eimskip was given the name STRAUMUR (eng. Stream) during ceremony in the port yesterday. Straumur is the second gantry crane in Reykjavik.

The first gantry crane of the port was taken into service in 1984 and the first crane operator Sverrir Benjaminsson gave the new crane name. He together with his brother Arngrimur operated the crane and are still working as crane operators at Eimskip 35 years later.

The crane Straumur is the highest construction in Reykjavik with height of 90 meters. The crane can lift up to 65 tons but weights around 800 tons. The new crane is taken into service prior to delivery of two new container vessels to Eimskip later this year from China.

LAXFOSS being loaded with the new gantry crane
Loading taking place
Straumur will give possibility to reach further out than the old gantry crane