Changing ownership

The sterntrawlers ÁSKELL and VÖRÐUR owned by Gjögur hf, Grenivík Iceland has been sold to FISK Seafood in Sauðárkrókur Iceland. The two trawlers arrived together to Reykjavik on July 9th and taken into slipway the following day.

Following washing and maintainance the trawlers changed from the colours of their former owner to the colours of FISK Seafood fleet. They will soon start fishing for their new owners that has in addition three large sterntrawlers.

Gjögur hf on the other hand ownes purse seiner HÁKON but they will soon get two newbuilding from Vard in Norway that will replace the two that has been sold.

ÁSKELL has been renamed FARSÆLL and VÖRÐUR renamed SIGURBORG. Both are replaceing older vessels with same names.

ÁSKELL in Reykjavik July 10th 2019
VÖRÐUR in Reykjavik July 10th 2019
Changing colours and names
FARSÆLL (ex ÁSKELL) July 31st 2019
SIGURBJÖRG (ex VÖRÐUR) July 28th still having her old name visible
HÁKON the purse seiner of Gjögur hf.