Laid up in Akureyri

The sterntrawler SNÆFELL has been laid up in Akureyri for some time. She has been sucsessful during her time exept from fire in her accommodation in 2007 when two crewmembers where killed. She was build for Faroes company in Norway in 1968 as STELLA KRISTINA. Sold to Útgerðarfélag Akureyrar, Iceland in 1973 and renamed SLÉTTBAKUR. She was lengthened in 1987. In 2002 she was sold to Samherji, Akureyri and renamed AKUREYRIN. In 2009 she got her present name. She was laid up in the spring of 2018. Her faith is unclear but is unlikely to sail again for her present owners as they have updated their fleet of sterntrawlers with newbuilds from Turkey.2589A66B-2A07-4EE0-A01C-A3E8EE30E703