Three new tugs to Iceland

In my earlier news about arrival of ROLLDOCK SUN to Hafnarfjörður I told that she was transporting three tugs to Iceland for Skipaþjónusta Íslands. The new tugs are still not under a new registry although their name has been removed. Two of them are now in Port of Reykjavik and their names are as present AFRIK PETREL (ex LAMNALCO PETREL) and AFRIK PUFFIN (ex LAMNALCO PUFFIN). The third one is in Port of Hafnarfjörður the AFRIK PELICAN (ex LAMNALCO PELICAN).

AFRIK PETREL ex Lamnalco Petrel in Reykjavík.

AFRIK PUFFIN ex Lamnalco Puffin in Reykjavík

Afrik Pelican

AFRIK PELICAN in Hafnarfjörður on December 20th 2018.